All about Kazanlak in a single app

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24 Feb All about Kazanlak in a single app

Inancient times the territory of the picturesque Rose Valley existed rich Thracian culture. The discovered archaeological sites of great interest to scientists and tourists.

Not far from Kazanlak , in the waters of the lake Koprinka is the only fully explored until now Thracian city Seuthopolis . In the valley of Kazanlak Thracian tombs found – masterpieces of monumental art from antiquity .

The land of roses , is a business card of Bulgaria to the world. Kazanlak is the Rose Valley and the natural geographical center of Bulgaria. Here nature has combined the beauty and majesty of the Balkan Mountains with fertility in the valley of the river Tunja and thermal springs . Climatic and soil conditions in this paradise of Bulgaria are most favourable for the cultivation of oil rose and
many more essential oils .


Now all this and many other interesting facts are available in a single app which you can download for free from Google Play store.


The app will be coming soon available on the App store and Windows store.

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